sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2016

So it is Christmas

My dear friends and followers,
I sat down this morning to create a simple Christmas Card that would reflect my thoughts of the season and express my enormous gratitude for your caring, your audience, your love, your laughter, your remote tears, your suggestions, your advice, your words of wisdom, your silly words, your heart felt compliments, your purchases, your blessings and yet mostly your company! Okay and even your memes!  :)

So I picked up the tin of watercolors and looked at the blank page for a moment. That is when I realized I needed to paint this picture with words rather than pigment.

I wish all of you a wonderful magical Christmas and a 2017 of success.  How do you measure success?  Success is not a perception. It is not what you see or how your mind translates it.  The only definition I can think of success is HAPPINESS.  A happy person is a successful person regardless of their acquisitions, mile marks and belongings. Isn't this the ultimate goal of life?  Some of us are happy with belongings and some of us are happy with self expression.  Regardless of your path I wish you to pursue happiness this 2017!

May your year be filled with genuine blessings and true laughter.  May kindness, generosity and love surround your lives and lift your spirit.  May opportunities present themselves and mostly may you notice them. 

Success!  I wish you success!

Merry Christmas and a Successful 2017

PS:  now that words are out, I might actually pick up that watercolor tin! :)

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